Salsa is a mix of afro-caribbean rhythms fused with jazz and other styles. The origin is not concrete, but many people agree that it is an evolution from mambo, son cubano, cha cha cha, son montuno, rumba guaguancó, guaracha and charanga.

Cuba was a main character in salsa history because in the 30’s they played rhythms like danzón, guaguancó and son. Those new fusions were really popular in Colombia and Puerto Rico, but later in New York, surgen an evolution adding new instruments like congas and trumpets.

Then in the 60’s, the latin music identity evolved. Later in 70’s “Fania All Stars” began the biggest and most succesful salsa proyect. They grouped the most important artists at the time, such as Héctor Lavoe, Ray Barreto, Celia Curz and Ruben Blades.

With 80’s – 90’s came new instruments and compositions, creating a new salsa variation known as Salsa Romántica (romantic salsa). Which was very popular between Pueertorican artists like Frankie Ruiz, Marc Anthony or Eddy Santiago.

In the 21th century, Salsa is one of the most important latin genre in the world. Look at artist around the world like Grupo Niche (Colombia), Havana de Primera (Cuba), El gran combo de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), Rubén Blades (Panamá), Joe Arroyo (Colombia), La Máxima 79 (Italy) and Tromboranga (Spain)

As dancers, there are different ways to dance salsa. The main streams are Cuban style, L.A. Style (on 1), N.Y. Style (on 2) and Colombian Style (caleña).



One of the most popular salsa dance styles! Its danced on 1 with very linear moves and turn patterns.

Originated by Francisco Vázquez, L.A. dance style has many more referents as Johnny Vázquez (brother of Francisco Vázquez), Fernando Sosa or Karen and Ricardo.


Salsa L.A. already exists many years, and that is why we try to give it our fresh touch.

Through our salsa lessons we weave our philosophy. That means easy elements that will help you to create more advanced patterns; knowledge about instruments and song structure and clear signs to lead-follow better.

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